About us

Batthelp is a volunteer organization that emerged in February 2022 right after Russia invaded Ukraine. We are united by the same values and the faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and undoubted victory of Ukraine.

Before February, 24 we were the entrepreneurs, top managers, photographers and creators united by running. Now we are united by the necessity to use all our expertise, skills and ties to protect Ukrainian territory from Russian invaders and to turn them back.

What we do:

  • Provide targeted military support to several units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: procurement of bulletproof vests, helmets, uniform, thermal imagers, drones, etc.;
  • Provide targeted humanitarian support;
  • Organize the logistics of the humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

What we do not do:

  • Help with housing/finding the shelter;
  • Organizing transport Ukrainian refugees to the border/from city to city in Ukraine.


Each month we publish here the report on all funds gathered and the ways they were spent. 

We accept donations for the following causes:

  • Procurement of any items needed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (upon a concrete request);
  • Coverage of the logistics expenses;
  • Targeted humanitarian aid;
  • Direct costs for Batthelp effective operation (all members of the organization are volunteers).